Duane Decker Music

I'm a professional music composer-producer-sound designer-audio engineer based in Seattle, Washington USA. After performing and touring as a professional musician early in my career, I've composed more than 800 published music tracks totaling more than 18 hours of original music. My casino gaming music and sound design can be heard in almost every major casino around the world, as well as by 2 million people a day on social media apps. I have done audio post production for more than 200 social media ads. My production music cues can be heard in more than 185 television episodes, specials and films. I’ve composed, produced and created sound design for more than 60 internationally-released PC, video, console and social games and my location-based games have been experienced by more than 11 million people. I was awarded two US patents for game audio delivery systems and composed/produced two commercially released original game soundtrack albums on CD and DVD. My latest streaming album, “Another Place in Time,” contains 28 original tracks and is available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music. My web presence reaches over 120 countries around the world.