I'm a professional music composer-producer-sound designer based in Seattle, Washington USA. After performing and touring as a professional musician early in my career, I've composed more than 750 published music tracks totaling more than 17 hours of original music. My casino gaming music and sound design can be heard in almost every major casino around the world, as well as by 1.8 million people a day on the social media site DoubleDown Casino. My production music cues are heard in more than 150 television episodes, specials and films. I’ve composed, produced and created sound design for more than 60 internationally-released PC, video, console and social games and my location-based games have been experienced by more than 11 million people. I’ve also composed and produced two commercially-released original game soundtrack albums on CD and DVD. My web presence reaches over 120 countries around the world.


I was born in the steel belt of upstate New York and caught the music bug at a very young age. I started playing drums when I turned 8 years old and by the time I was 13, my rock bands were playing professionally at parties and dances. My family moved to San Diego, CA just before high school and I continued to play professionally throughout my high school and college years. While still in college, I designed and co-built my first synthesizer and began playing keyboards. While still playing in bands, I also put together my first solo act, playing piano, synthesizer, flute and drums with a fully interactive light show.


After college, I moved to Hollywood and spent the next 13 years touring the U.S. and Canada with all original rock bands and a high tech solo act, eventually calling Chicago my home town. My bands and solo act opened shows for acts like Humble Pie, Fleetwood Mac, KISS, The Romantics, Van Morrison, and many more. We also received critical acclaim for our work on vinyl records "Chicago Rocks Volume 1" and "Duane Decker -- Hard Disk Drive" during that time.


Because of my knowledge and passion for music technology, I went on to become a Product Specialist for Kurzweil Music Systems (working with Dr. Robert Moog) and E-mu Systems. I was involved with the creation of some of the most influential new music products of the day and also toured extensively throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe performing at clinics and trade shows.


I then recognized that games held tremendous potential as a viable entertainment medium. I joined Premier Technology and scored the soundtracks for over 13 Gottlieb pinball games. I then joined FASA Interactive and took over all of the music and sound design chores for the extremely popular BattleTech series of products including MechWarrior and MechCommander as well as working on location based entertainment projects for Virtual World Entertainment and Walt Disney Imagineering.


In the late '90s, Microsoft acquired FASA Interactive and I found myself in Redmond, WA as an Audio Lead for Microsoft Game Studios. While there, I continued to create music and audio for some of the world's most popular games including Rise Of Nations, MechAssault, MechWarrior 4 and MechCommander 2. My music score from MechWarrior 4 was released on Varese Sarabande Records, which was the first game soundtrack Microsoft ever released. In June 2003, the soundtrack from Rise Of Nations was released through legendary producer and artist Nile Rodgers' Sumthing Else Musicworks record label. It was the first game soundtrack to ever be released in the 5.1 surround sound format on DVD.


I then formed my own independent music and audio production company, DDMusic LLC, in 2003. Projects included the expansion pack for Rise Of Nations - "Rise Of Nations: Thrones And Patriots"; production music tracks for Warner/Chappell Music Limited - London, Pump Audio/Getty Images - New York, Music Supervisors - Los Angeles, Soundrangers - Seattle, Music Dealers - Chicago; TV advertising projects; the 95 minute, fully orchestrated music score for "Rise Of Legends"; music, sound design and voiceovers for two game platform prototypes; 108 in-game music cues and Opening Movie score for "Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution"; several small projects for upcoming developers; and music, sound design, VO processing and audio implementation for "Defense Grid: The Awakening."


In 2010, I became an in-house Composer/Sound Designer for Ignite Studios at the largest maker of slot machines and casino games in the world - IGT (International Game Technology) in Reno, NV. IGT is the industry leader with extremely talented, visionary, motivated people who create amazing games that entertain players world-wide. The projects were constant, fun, challenging, and the team was amazing. While at Ignite Studio, I created music and sound for 36 games and I hold two patents for creating unique audio delivery systems.


In November 2014, I transferred to another studio within IGT - DoubleDown Interactive in Seattle, WA. As a Composer/Sound Designer IV, I now work on creating music and soundscapes for mobile and desktop gaming and help to define the next generation of audio for IGT games.


My freelance work, composing and producing original production music for television, film, video games and the internet, continues.


More to come...